About Polyglot Geek

Welcome to Polyglot Geek!

Polyglot Geek is our place for all things language related. Be it Bulgarian or Burmese, Mandarin or Mongolian, Tibetan or Thai, you name it.  We are always interested in discovering more about language.

The Polyglot Geek Story – Everything You’d Possibly Want to Know!

I have always been interested in languages. From an early age in Britain, I often had the good fortune to be able to travel across much of Europe with my family. I was always fascinated by how language functioned and how people saw their language as integral to their country’s culture. Each language was different and had it’s own idiosyncrasies.

The first language I took on was French, but this was later followed by Spanish, Japanese and now that I live in China I am working on Chinese. I love the challenge of learning language and each new day brings something new and interesting.

I bought the Polyglot Geek domain in early 2020. Like many people at this time, I was suddenly in a position where I had much more free time than I had expected. I wanted to work on a project and I felt that a website answer the questions of

  1. How hard any language could be to learn and
  2. How widely spoken English is as a language in other countries

would be an interesting way to spend my time. There are very few resources available which attempt to compare word languages, the most famous being the Foreign Service Institute.

This website is our humble attempt to try to answer some of the above questions in our own way.

The plan from here is to look at languages someone in our team has experience of learning and then attempting to summarise what is difficult about the language. On top of that we will look at the prevalence of English being spoken in other countries and try to give the basic details for some key countries.

We are going to make some mistake along the way so we happily invite any constructive feedback. Feel free to comment on anything we have written.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Polyglot Geek.

– Andy!